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with Internet Technologies

The Internet and World Wide Web are sophisticated channels for two-way, real-time, communication. Interject has been working in this space for over 20 years so, whatever your business problem, we can help you solve it with web technologies, and solve it efficiently.

Web Development

We're experts in both backend and frontend web technologies. Whether your requirement is for bespoke, or off-the-shelf, we can advise, and help

Internet of Things

Hardware and software solutions using HTTP, Websocket or MQTT protocols on Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 and Espruino

Cloud Solutions

Rackspace Cloud, IBM Cloud, Linode or Bare Metal. We have experience in building application and data solutions on these platforms


HTTPS/TLS, EU Cookies Directive, FCA compliance or The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We're already operating here

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Application Development

We specialise in Golang, JavaScript and PHP development. We've expertise with a number of database systems from MySQL to RethinkDB. We've created clients to consume some of best REST APIs available, and built API services of our own.


If your business needs expertise to support or further develop your existing infrastructure, be it Cloud based or bare metal, Interject can help.

We already work with a number of businesses and help monitor, maintain and improve their systems.

Consultancy & 

We can offer one-off or ongoing consultancy and training at competitive rates. 

We can tailor packages depending on your requirements - if it is not within our expertise, we can help deliver it via our small network of expert partners.

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